Creating a Customer Account

  1.  Click on the My Account tab and enter your Email Address and Password. Passwords should be made up of at least one Capital Letter, One number and one Symbol and be at least eight characters long.  And select the I am a customer option **Please note the system will not accept Weak passwords **
  2. You will then be directed to your Dashboard where you can fill in your billing address and add your basic customer information. From your account dashboard you can view your recent orders, manage your shipping and billing addresses and edit your password and account details.
  3. Your details will be saved to provide a smooth checkout Process. Lucy’s Labyrinth offer many customised products in our site. You will be able to ask any questions directly on the item details page. They will then be able to liaise with you directly via Email. **Please note your email address will not be disclosed to the vendor as Lucy’s Labyrinth email system provides this service for you **
  4. You will have received a welcome Email with a link to access account. You are now set up as a customer to enjoy and browse through our many Shops and Products.

Creating a Seller Account

  1.  Click on the My Account tab and enter your Email Address and Password. Passwords should be made up of at least one Capital Letter, One number and one Symbol and be at least eight characters long. **Please note the system will not accept Weak passwords **
  2. Select I am a Vendor.
  3. Complete the information section and Choose your Shop Name. **Please note your username  cannot be changed so ensure all spelling is correct at this stage**
  4. Select your chosen Subscription pack from the drop down list. You will now be taken to your Order page to check and if happy to proceed go to Checkout and make you payment securely via Paypal.
  5. You will now be directed to your Vendor Dashboard. This is where you will manage all aspects of your Shop. There are may useful features and all are available to be used or not. It is up to you how much or little detail that you utilise dependant on your own particular selling needs. As long as you have provided your Shipping Address and created a product then your Shop is available to all customers.
  6. . **Please note your email address will not be disclosed to your customers as Lucy’s Labyrinth email system provides this service for you for any product enquiries **
  7. You will have received a welcome Email with a link to access account.
  8. Congratulations you now have your Shop set up and ready to use within your chosen subscription pack.

Shipping Basic set up

Lucy’s Labyrinth has various Shipping methods available to Vendors from the very basic to Advanced dependant on your particular needs. This guide will show you all of the methods and how to configure them.

  1.  Getting started with Shipping Select Vendor Dashboard go to your Settings then Select Shipping Then click in the enable Shipping box to activate Shipping. On this page you will see options to add your Shipping time, Your Shipping Policy and your Refund Policy. These are all optional but do create a more effective and trusted customer experience. Once you have created your policies if required, Scroll to the bottom of the page and save your settings. These policies will now show on all of your products automatically without you having to re enter any details and can be changed and updated at any time.
  2. Where do you Ship to? Lucy’s Labyrinth is International so you need to let your customers know where you Ship to. Go to your Vendor Dashboard then Shipping Settings  Scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see the Ships from tab, select your base Country. Once this has been selected then you can tell your customers where you Ship to and add the Shipping cost. ***Please note that adding the Country you ship from does not require a  £value unless you wish to specify different areas or postcodes ***
  3. Standard Shipping  This setting allows you to create a basic Shipping Cost. So for example if you generally use First Class or a Courier at a set specific cost this can be set here and automatically defaults to all of your Products.  It saves you adding shipping  each time you create a new item. Let’s say you sell Cards then ideally your postage weight doesn’t change so a default shipping is convenient for you. To do this click on your Vendor Dashboard Select Settings select the Shipping option. Tick the box to enable Shipping. Then add the value of your shipping cost for example 3.99. This will now be defaulted to all of your products.
  4. Dokan Seller Shipping Settings
  5. I want to add additonal Shipping for each item of the same Product. Follow the instructions as above that will create your default postage. Let’s start with you add extra Shipping for more than one item. For example you sell Button frames you charge £4.25 for shipping. If you sell 2 then you need to add extra shipping cost. Go to Settings then Shipping  Select Per Product Additional Price and add the extra amount. Your default Shipping cost will be whatever you have set it as and for an additional product it will automatically add your additional postage. Therefore you sell one Button frame and charge £4.95 postage if you sell 2 to the same customer you add £2.00 postage per product. This change will automatically update to the customer via your product page or the checkout area.

Adding individual Shipping and shipping extras

This section describes how to set up individual Shipping options.

Once you have set up your default Shipping price then if you have a product that costs more or less to ship then follow these instructions to create a new cost.

Set up your new product, Navigate to Override Shipping on the product Page. In the additional Shipping box add your cost. So for example your default shipping is set to £4.00 and you have a heavier item that costs £3.00 extra to ship. Then place the value of 3 in the additional shipping box. This will automatically update this particular products shipping cost to £7.00.

If you want to charge less than your standard Shipping then place a negative value. For example -1.25 therefore your standard shipping is £4.00 but for this product it will now calculate to £2.75.

Important Note*** If you are a Vendor that has different costs for each item you sell we highly recommend that you don’t use the default Shipping option in your Dashboard. Simply select the overide shipping for each product and add the price there. 

You can also select a cost for additional items in the next tab. So if you sell 2 items then the cost goes up by however much your postal service costs.






How to create a Simple Product Listing

Lucy’s Labyrinth is a Multi Vendor Marketplace that caters to all of our sellers requirements. Whether you sell 1 item to 10000 items. We have incorporated all the options within your dashboards to cater for all your selling needs.

To add a product from your Vendor Dashboard select Products Upload your products picture. Select your price and if it’s on sale add the discounted price as well. This will show as on sale for your product. Select your category and any additional tags,  Then add your products description. You have now created your Product scroll down to Create product. Click and you will be directed to the Products options screen. *** This is an optional screen for any editing required or extra variations as required by the individual Vendor *** If you are happy with the product , navigate to the bottom of the screen click Save Product and you have successfully added your item to your Shop.

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What can I sell In Lucy's Labyrinth

If you make it Create it and Sell it then you can sell it. Our rules are that simple. Anyone who makes  creates or owns a small business can sell with us. If you make a product sell with us, if you have a small business that sells dog grooming products yes. Small and unique is what we specialise in. Artist’s, Gardeners, Photographers, Crafters, Small business’ . We aren’t just defined by crafts we are defined by supporting anyone who has created their own dream. Our only rule is large companies aren’t allowed, they are established already! we may from time to time specially select offers to share with you from larger companies. This is only if we feel an offer would benefit our vendors.  We check all new subscribers to ensure these rules are followed we are here for small sellers not Corporates or established wholesalers.

Prohibited items

What can’t I sell?
We monitor every product that is uploaded to Lucy’s labyrinth. We do this to ensure that our customers and sellers alike receive the best experience on the site. We reserve the right to remove any product or account that violates these rukes as set out in our terms and conditions. Ususally your product will be uploaded immediately but if we have any concerns your item will unpublished or removed. From experience many people don’t realise that they ahve breached a selling code of practise so we will always liase with you first to resolve. If however we view this as a serious breach your items will be permanetly removed and your seller status reviewed.
Prohibited items are as follows.
Copyrighted items i.e Disney unless you have permission from the company to redistribute.
Any product with a defamtory word in, we are a global marketplace so all cultures need to be respected.
Adult Novelty products must have a censor stamp on the picture. We have lots of adult novelties however in your description it will need a disclaimer.
Any product that you don’t own the intellectual property to.
Any items promoting other selling platforms.
Any Corporate items.
Mass produced products.
Downloadble products from a non secure SSQ registered seller.
Pictures or photographs that you don’t own.
Any food related products will remain pending until we receive a copy of a food hygiene certificate by email