Meet our sellers

Lucy’s Labyrinth has a Plethora of Unique and Handmade Products from our talented sellers. Talented people who have stories to share about their own selling journey’s. Grab a cuppa and meet some of our Great Vendors.

TutuLoveDesigns joined us at the beginning of  my own personal journey when I created Lucy’s Labyrinth. I have to say I  fell in Love with her products straight away. It’s hard not to they are unique and beautiful designs. I didn’t know her at the time, however as the Labyrinth is set apart from the usual selling sites I got to chatting with her over a few weeks. I offered some advice and this was the result!

This is so achievable in Lucy’s Labyrinth and it really doesn’t take that long if you follow some of my easy to follow steps to selling your products online. So if your a seller new or established, we offer all the support that you need by messaging us or contacting us. If you are a customer looking to support small businesses to grow by purchasing from them, why not read their stories. We are online but it’s a new culture of shopping that doesn’t have to be faceless. I like to think I am the online corner shop I’m always available for a chat and a catch up 🙂 x “Open all Hours!”

Meet TutuLove Designs

Read Tutu loves story and how she stumbled upon her sensational Duck Designs. A busy mum and mad about Ducks!


Meet Rose Handmade Jewellery Designer 🏛  Biology graduate ☀climate change advocate 📖 alumnus 🎭theatre lover

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