Interview with Ash founder of The Nerdy Gift Company.

Designs made by nerds for nerds!

With our ever growing range of nerdy t-shirts, mugs, and bags we are sure to have something for everyone. We are UK Based and have Free International Postage

My Afternooon with Ash started with my fabulous dad my driver! my daughter dressed in her Dr Who Dress..well it’s perfect attire for Nerdy gifts! and myself of course. Sat nav got us there with no diversions to dead ends as usual. We pulled into what can only be described as a bohemian eclectic mix of studios. Painted signs on wooden cladded buildings. It had me at Hello you could tell immediately this was a diverse business community.

After asking which building we where to arrive at we were taken to the studio passing through a lady painting a Lamb Banana. My dad of course not being able to resist saying “You’ve missed a bit”
We arrive at The Nerdy Gift Company  to enter into a studio full of Printing Apparatus, Ash sitting at her computer working on her website. It was hard not to be distracted by the vast array of machines used for the designs. We said our hello’s I introduced my entourage which Ash wasn’t a bit phased about… After she made us all feel very welcome and made us all a cuppa the interview began.



We noticed a picture on the wall and that’s how we began asking about that. It was a a Quote from a member of the band The Christians. He had asked Ash to design it onto Tshirts and she did from one to hundreds! for an event of his.

Any other celebs then Ash? Christopher Maloney is a regular customer for his Promotional pieces. If your not sure he was on the Xfactor! A regular client for the company.
Celebs aside then what do you do to promote yourself do you attend events? Ash replies yes and I always wear my branded hoodie with the logo printed on “Eat Sleep Geek Repeat” Brilliant so whats the the t-shirt quote? It’s from Henry Priestmen’s sing Old. The design was done as his birthday addition t-shirt as he turned 60! These events aren’t always a paid table the logo itself being worn allows people to recognise me and the brand I have. 

Brand awareness by wearing her own designed aparell is a key feature for her business and creates a recognisable and remembered name. In terms of my Vendors this wouldn’t always be an option but you really do have to have your business cards at the very least to hand out.
Ash has been in business for 2 years and creates any design onto clothing , mugs, phone covers and much more. Not only running her own business Ash runs a school every Tuesday which allows students to attend learning how to Press and Print and design with her equipment. Providing teenagers with a fantastic opportunity to develop new skills.

” The course I have been teaching is part of a WEA funded project ran by SAFE to encoruage people to get back into work or learn new skills. I teach anything from basic design to printing, been doing it for the past 6 months which is sadly coming to an end soon”
So how does Ash manage her time running her own business? and this is where I really did learn some valuable lessons myself. Time management is key. I tend to leave myself open to open all hours. Ash also did this in her early stages yet has the experience and knowledge to pass on. There has to be a cut off point in days for working. It has to be regimented and kept to. As Ash told me there is no point saying your closing at 6 then answer a message at 9. The message will still be there in the morning. A life balance in being a successful business is paramount. There has to be a switch off point to be focused and ready for the next day.
At this point I have to say I am still being distracted by the equipment for no other reason than I like machinery..points back to my dad and our favorite place is the power tool section in B & Q! So what’s that one then? It’s her new pressing machine for the Phone cases. The temperature heats to an insane amount and is highly skilled to work it. I replied I burn myself on a glue gun that took me months to stop doing so I can clearly see the dedication and skill involved here. 
We talked about how Ash uses social media and the various different models available to promote her business. There are a few Buffer seems to be a good platform however there are many others that all play a part. Ash tells me do you know that Facebook and Twitter follow a code on pictures? I had no idea. Every time you use the same picture in your posts the code is tracked by the media platform. The more it sees that picture the less it will show it! Easy fix make several copies of the picture they all have different codes. I was fascinated by this I had no idea so I tested it with my own is absolutely true the statistics where incredible! 
Ash is now moving into new premises as she simply needs to expand her forever growing business. I asked what are the costs differences for you. Being a small business costs are paramount. Hot desking and that is a USP ( Unique selling point) Ash has the equipment and will be renting desks when she is teaching or not in the office. That is business Acumen at it’s highest level!
I don’t want to make this too long and if you are a women in business then keep looking out for my interviews and blogs for inspirational stories and advice in starting your businesses. I wish Ash every success in her business and I will be an avid follower and Christmas orders from me! Thanks Ash for taking the time to meet me.