Meet TutuLoveDesigns a Bespoke Designer of customised Wooden Ducks 

In January this year I moved into a gorgeous newly built home and – as we all do – I wanted to change all of my decor…. So I started looking for some things for my kitchen window area… ordered a wooden duck online but felt it would look a bit better with spots on to match my ever growing Emma Bridgewater collection… that’s where it all began.. one duck at a time!! I already had a small business producing quirky, bespoke art work and loved to use girly pieces like sequins and tutus so started playing around with different designs and clothing on the ducks… I popped a few up for sale on my Facebook business page and the rest, as they say, is history!! It’s completely blown my mind as to how popular they are and my business has grown so much over the last few months.. I still do my other items but my bespoke ducks are taking over my life (and my home). I’m lucky enough to have a workroom in our new home so I’m always near my family even when I’m working. I feel very blessed to have such a supportive family and love this little life we have built. Without my lovely customers I couldn’t continue and for this I am so grateful. Xx

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